Official Policies Posted

Official Policies The official instance policies are now live on the website and the instance about/more page. Check them out here (link) or here (link). If you’d like to see them expanded or have suggestions, please let @Ambassador know.
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Updated Block List

Today we updated the instance block list and reject media list for It’s a GNU Social instance with the fillowing title/tagline. I think we’ll survive without them in our timelines. recently added them to their main list of toxic instances and we followed their lead. Title Nazi Pony... [Read More]

EU Cookie Law

EU Cookie Law Today we added support for cookie notifications to help with EU Cookie Law compliance. I used this (link) for the compliance. I’d like to be rid of the pop-up but… I’d rather be in compliance than not.
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We're Live!

We are live! This site will be the go to place for all updates, announcements and info about the instance. May your day be full of 🤗 and 💕